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Jim Perkins

Hi Team,
The Program is working fine. I just got paid $3.00 for cycling. So my subscription is covered for 3 more weeks. I was thinking about quitting, but I think I will stick it out a little longer. Don't worry about the missing members in your matrix. You will continue to cycle because you a have already passed their level, and you will not loose your position. Check out the "How it works" link on your members page, and you will see that the new matrix cycle structure is solid.
So, let's get out there, and promote the NEW, 1 Dollar Team!
To your Success, Jim

by Jim Perkins at

KS Yong

Clarifications needed from the admin, (Pt. 2)

I have about $120+ into this program. (2 x $21 weekly subs and 2 x $40 super matrices). My subs available in my ewallet will expire next week for both of my accounts. My dilemma is : to stop and cut loss now OR continue putting in money to a program which is facing so much uncertainties. I had just had an extremely painful experience in RWJ then EDC then PDC then everything just disappeared into the thin air without any explanation given tho the members!
I am now deep in the tunnel of C4P. Do I or Will I see light at the end of the tunnel ?

Our mighty admin, please give me the enlightenment!

by KS Yong

KS Yong

Clarifications needed from the admin,
From the recent development, our program seems to have come to a stand still.
Where are we going now ?
I have not found any statement made by the admin so far although I received email saying that the program will be updated.
Well, while waiting for the program to get updated (or changed), many members have been deleted from the program. I think it is not fair to delete members now. At least the admin put all weekly subscriptions on the hold so that members will be given a chance to continue or move away after they have been shown or told about the future of the program.

by KS Yong

Krisztian Bellak

I checked my matrixes and I see a lot of removed members in my completed matrixes when is a member removed?

by Krisztian Bellak

Krisztian Bellak

it seems the admin is silent but he is working behind the scenes I just receive 0,5$ as comission! Let us give it a chance!

by Krisztian Bellak

Tomasz Grabowski

Looks like the social site is turning to some kind of a joke,where are all the mods ? are they hibernating ? it is not winter anymore,wake up

by Tomasz Grabowski