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Krisztian Bellak

one of my referals completed matrix 4 so I received 2$ :)

by Krisztian Bellak at

Graham Compton

Hi fellow Brit, Thanks for the Follow, am returning the favour

by Graham Compton at

Anna Wysocka

I am new here. I live in UK with my husband and 2 sons. 7 years ago I arrived here from Poland. I am registered nurse...

by Anna Wysocka at

sebastian ponton

Hello guys, the site is back, Im so sorry for the inconviniences, I will send an email very soon to everybody about the new program. Thanks

by sebastian ponton

KS Yong

Hi Sebastian,
What are your plans for the program now?
Go back to how it was?! Inactive from the parts of admin?no advertising, no communications?It is rotting if nothing is done.
It's a pity that we have come this far forthe program and many of the members will be leaving, in despair and feeling being scammed!
Please understand that I am not being negative but just trying to give you my sincere and honest views.
Take it or leave it. After all, I will have just wasted some $130.

by KS Yong

sebastian ponton

Hello everybody, We have had a big problem with the hosting is not c4pmarketing fault, the are working on it, Today in the morning in was working perfectly, please understand this was a technical problem. I dont have access right now to send a general email since the hosting is down. As soon as we have solve it, everthing will go back to how it was.
Thanks for understanding

by sebastian ponton